• Chloé Laurent

High Performance Computing (HPC)

And HPC will no longer have any secrets from you.

The rise and consecration of new technologies in all areas of our lives and societies (economic, scientific, health, ecology...) has led to a considerable increase in the volume of data, and therefore also in the computing power required.

HPC allows processing of these massive data and complex calculations in real time and in a qualitative way.

This system combines thousands (or even millions) of processors in order to build calculation infrastructures and obtain a reduction in the time of these calculations.

This takes place in many ways: the development of hardware and software architectures, access to very high computing power, control of huge volumes of data…

Today it represents an essential tool for scientific, technological and industrial research, which is why we feel it is important to tell you that we are efficient in this area.

Needing a large power capacity to process and secure all these data, Atrium Data is operational and at your disposal for your HPC projects.

Our large hosting capacity, our TIER IV certification ensuring you the best possible security level, and our sovereign place on the French territory allow us to offer you optimal and reliable hosting solutions.

Atrium data, our services at your service.

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