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At the highest level of security -

Fail-safe : at the highest level of security

In appearance, a Data Center is seen as a room where numerous bays are assembled to store customer data.

But these Data Centers can have multiple particularities depending on the priority of their manufacturer.

A Data Center is more than that, in fact this one includes multiple computer systems such as servers, warehouse systems, network switches, routers, firewalls, cables, racks. Let’s not forget what allow the energy efficiency, power distribution system, electric switches, generator, as well as a ventilation and cooling system.

These Data Centers that happen to be much more complicated installation than one might think, must then ensure a level of performance and security that they exhibit and sell to their customers.

This security level is regulated by a certification system from 1 to 4, each one justifying a different security level.

The TIER 1 level corresponds to a Data Center holding a single power supply without redundancy for infrastructure or air conditioning. There is an availability rate of 99.671% and an annual shutdown for the maintenance.

TIER 2, on this second certification level, the electrical path is still not redeemed but certain components of the electrical distribution system are. Maintenance operations on redundant components avoid the impact on hardware. There is an availability rate of 99.741% and 22 hours annual shutdown.

TIER 3, here every components are redeemed and distribution paths are multiple, but only one is used. The computer hardware has a dual power supply. The availability rate is 99,982% and there is an average of 1.6 hour of annual interruption.

TIER 4, highest level of Data Centers has several power supplies. Each system is redeemed and physically compartmentalized. Prepared to withstand the unexpected shutdown of a component. Their continuous cooling system helps maintain the temperature during a power outage. There is an availability rate of 99.995% and 0.8 hour of annual interruption.

Our Data Centers are TIER 4 certified, allowing us to offer you the most optimal security!

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